Explaining the Differences Between Various Cross Stitch Fabrics

Hi, this is Nikki from crossstichsupplies.co.za.
  I'm here to discuss the difference in
sizing between the different fabric cuts.

We in SA are used to buying fabric by the meter. But in US they sell it by the yard
and because I import my fabric I've had to start thinking in terms of yards and inches.
So now I'm just going to explain that on the website you will find fat quarters and fat
eighths and the differences between them.

When we buy a yard of fabric, they cut it into 4 quadrants, each quarter is a fat quarter.
It is 18 inches on short side by 26 inches on long side.
If we divide that in half again we get fat eighths - that is 18 inches on the long side and
13 inches on the short side.

So this is the difference visually - here we have a fat eighths and it is suitable
for the smaller designs and is usually more than enough.
This is a fat quarter - as you can see it is twice the size of a fat eighth and these
you would use for your bigger designs. I hope this explains things.

Happy stitching.



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